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Thank you to the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, CLICK HERE see for a dedication to Mom.

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Please listen & share this week’s video by and other Parkinson’s Disease organizations that have partnered around the world who can offer you information and support for awareness & hope for a cure. We must work together in this mission! Sharon’s son, George.


2/29/2020  What is togetherforsharon

3/7/2020 Mom’s favorite day was Sunday, Progression and mobility

3/16/2020 Parkinson’s Disease: Finding the right caregiver

3/29/2020 About mom, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s life

4/5/2020 Community resources for Parkin’s Disease

4/13/2020 April is Parkinson’s disease awareness month

4/19/2020 Dealing with Covid-19 & Parkinson’s Disease

4/26/2020 The Michael J. Fox Foundation

5/3/2020 Parkinson’s Foundation’s Moving Day

5/9/2020  The Ackerman Family is #Moving4PD in memory of Sharon Riff Ackerman.

5/16/2020 The American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA)

5/24/2020 APDA #OptimismWalk @APDAParkinsons

5.31.2020 Our participation ( in the APDA MA Chpt. 1st Virtual #OptimismWalk

6/6/2020 Partnerships

7/18/2020 New website launch

8/1/2020 Magazine tribute to mom’s story.

9/20/2020 Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day

9/26/2020 Dr Paul Ackerman tribute to my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman.

9/30/2020 Lighting a candle September 2020 in mom’s memory…

9/30/2020 Dr George Ackerman’s tribute to my mother on the first birthday since she passed…

10/3/2020  Grether and Brooke Ackerman’s tribute to Sharon Riff Ackerman.

10/12/2020  Elizabeth and Joaquina’s tribute to Sharon Riff Ackerman.


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