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A Son’s Journey. From Parkinson’s Disease Caregiver to Advocate

In Memory of my Mother Sharon

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A Son’s Journey from Parkinson’s Disease Caregiver to Advocate. This book is, first, a memoir of and praise for my mother, Sharon, who was my best friend through both our lives and explores her journey with PD. The book is a heartfelt recollection of the beginnings of her Parkinson’s disease symptoms and my caregiving to support through her battle with PD.

However, I also want to reach those who are not aware of Parkinson’s throughout the world. Until we ensure that others outside the local or regional Parkinson’s community are made aware, a cure will be further from our grasp. Others, too, may find the book helpful, especially for those suffering from associated diseases.


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Please see reviews of our book:

“A poignant tribute to a remarkable woman by an incredibly loving son. Like Dr. George Ackerman, I look forward to creating a future where future generations are spared the indignity of Parkinson’s disease.”

Ray Dorsey, MD, David M. Levy Professor of Neurology, University of Rochester, Author, Ending Parkinson’s Disease

“An honest from-the-heart true telling of what a family goes through in dealing with a neurodegenerative disease. We all have our unique journey, but we are here for one another. This book is completely relatable as George went through this journey, as I did with my father who had Parkinson’s. “

Gary Keating, Author and Founder of Caring for Caregivers Support Group, fifteen years with Parkinson’s.

“A heart-wrenching story of the love of a devoted son for his mother, and how their life together was cut short due to Parkinson’s disease. George Ackerman shares his journey as a care partner turned advocate who has taken his grief and channeled it into an instrument for raising awareness. This book is the story of one family’s loss, but it is us who gain from his efforts and determination to end this disease forever.”

Esther Labib-Kiyarash, MSHA, Person with Parkinson’s and Ambassador for the Parkinson’s Foundation

“Reading this book allows you to understand the devastation of losing a parent to Parkinson’s. Through George’s example as a selfless, tenacious advocate for those who are still battling through this disease, we are able to see how his experience as a caregiver is invaluable to anyone in a similar situation as he approaches the situation with compassion and unadulterated love for his mother.”

Melissa Livingston, Creator of #parkinsonslookslikeme, Patient, Pontificator and Parkinson’s Advocate

“George has written an important, heart-wrenching account of his journey as a caregiver and activist in the Parkinson’s community. He honors his mother and the millions of people throughout the world fighting Parkinson’s disease. As someone who was diagnosed with PD fourteen years ago, I found this book an emotional roller coaster that will help Parkinson’s patients, caregivers, families, and friends battle this disease.”

George Manahan, Parkinson’s patient, activist, and supporter.

“Nothing can prepare those taking care of their loved ones with Parkinson’s disease (PD) for the journey they will face. However, this book is a raw and genuine account of the rugged road traveled by a devoted son. The courage to go from caregiver to PD advocate worldwide is inspiring. This book will help prepare caregivers for what PD can throw at them.”

Kristine Meldrum, Author, Parkinson’s: How To Reduce Symptoms Through Exercise


“It is often through adversity and difficulty that the paths of our lives are changed, not unlike a river whose course is altered during a massive storm. And in this book, In Memory of My Mother Sharon, you’ll read how the storms of adversity altered the life direction of Sharon’s son George. You will read of how George went from a well-educated professional to a Parkinson’s disease caregiver, and ultimately to a tireless and fearless Parkinson’s disease advocate! In this book, Geor also does a great job of shedding light on the side of Parkinson’s that is often overlooked, that of the caregiver.”

Mark Milow, Public Speaker; Parkinson’s Advocate; Parkinson’s Foundation Advisory Board member; Cohost, Making It Meaningful: The Podcast; Cohost, Unscripted: The Parkinson’s Podcast.

“I was moved to tears by the devotion Sharon’ son George showed in the face of this horrific disease. The book is not only a testament to his character but also a “guidebook” for anyone who is living with a Parkinson’s patient. I will be sharing George’s courageous story with my friends and family, particularly my wife who has been watching me deal with PD since 2012. God bless you, George. We need more people like you in the world!”

Dan O’Brien, Founder and Patient Advocate, DOB Parkinson’s Charity, Living with Parkinson’s since 2012

“In this book, George takes the curtain down to reveal his journey from son to caregiver and from caregiver to advocate. His energy is palpable through the pages and the stories, which unmask challenge, hope, and future opportunity.’

Michael S. Okun, M.D., Adelaide Lackner Distinguished Professor of Neurology;  Executive Director, Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases, University of Florida Health

“Thank you, George—for not only remembering your Mom in such a kind and loving tribute but for creating and engaging a global community to remember those we’ve loved and cared for who too struggled deeply with the challenges of Parkinson’s. You have lovingly built an extended family worldwide—a heartfelt tribe that brings advocacy to a new and heightened level and makes awareness for Parkinson’s a top priority.”

Deb Pollack, Founder, Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

“George has eloquently articulated what it means to not only love someone with Parkinson’s but also what it is to tirelessly care for someone with this insidious disease. Through George’s honest accounts, readers will develop a relationship with George, and his beloved mother, as he takes them on a journey hallmarked with love, compassion, and bravery. “

Margaret Preston, President, Power Over Parkinson’s

“This book is a heartfelt tribute from a wonderful son to his mother, as well as a source of comfort for anyone whose life has been touched by Parkinson’s disease. George does a beautiful job sharing the journey many take on this disease path. Readers will be able to relate to George’s journey and not feel alone.”

Tom Seaman, Health Coach, Author, Speaker, Patient Advocate

“I highly recommend this heart-touching book about Dr. George Ackerman ‘s caregiving experiences and the love between a mother and son. Dr. Ackerman has a fierce passion for Parkinson’s disease awareness advocacy, to help find a cure and to help others!”

Betsy Wurzel, Host of Chatting with Betsy, Passionate World Talk Radio

“George Ackerman’s writings are sure to help anyone living with Parkinson’s, caregivers, and anyone wanting to know more about Parkinson’s. No one is a greater advocate for finding a cure for Parkinson’s than George. Read, learn, and become enlightened from this wonderful book.”

Karl Sterling, NeuroMotor Training LLC, NeuroRehabilitation Specialist NASM Master Trainer.

“One simple passion guides George Ackerman through life:  his love for and dedication to his mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman. George was Sharon’s primary caregiver as she battled the scourge named Parkinson’s Disease. This is their story. It is told honestly and includes the good, the bad, and the ugly of their experience. Now that Sharon has passed, George has a new role devoting his time and energy to become one of the most outspoken advocates for PD awareness and research for a cure. It’s all in the book. Read it!”

A.C. Woolnough PwP, Research Advocate