Mom’s Story

Sharon Riff Ackerman lived with Parkinson’s for decades, but it started to affect her daily activities in 2014. Up until then she was able to spend her favorite day of the week, Sunday, with us in the backyard, blowing bubbles with her grand kids, eating the best meals we could find, but only after a lively debate over where and what she wanted to eat. I miss those funny arguments.

Loving Mother, Sister, and Grandmother!

Born Sep 28, 1950 – Passed on Jan 1, 2020
due to Parkinson’s disease.

Sharon Riff Ackerman

We were just a few days away from the family moving in together, which is something I regret we didn’t get a chance to do. I always dreamed of us all being under one roof, but that was one life event that couldn’t occur as she passed away from Parkinson’s January 1, 2020.

The wristband band was created in January 2020 as a tribute to my mom, and as a way to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease, as we continue to hope for a cure, in memory of my mom Sharon Riff Ackerman.