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May 23, 2023. The importance of balance for Parkinson’s patients hosted by the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at FAU Medicine by George Ackerman, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A.

June 2020, Lucy Jung, Founder of Charco Neurotech conducted an interview.

Join Betsy Wurzel who hosts a blog on the topic of “What is the Caregivers Journey as an Advocate”

Please view “How and Why George Ackerman Became an Advocate for his Mother Sharon” written by PWTALKRADIO on June 3, 2020

Special thank you to for sharing my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s story for awareness & hope for a cure.

The Parkinson’s Foundation published our story. Please continue reading the story here.


Thank you PBS- American Portrait: A National Storytelling Project, for bringing light to Parkinson’s Awareness at the national level!


On 9/5/2020 DJ Johnny Parky from RadioParkies has dedicated one of mom, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s favorite songs by artist Barry Manilow in her memory for Parkinson’s awareness. Please listen and support DJ Johnny. Our family is grateful to you Johnny. Listen to the show and hear my message of hope at 1:10:38 to 1:18:59