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Sharon’s son, George & Michael J. Fox

I had a special time with Mr. Michael J. Fox on 2/2/2024 and I was able to share how he is my hero and an inspiration. He was so kind and I handed him our band in memory of Mom. In our photo, he is wearing the band and I was in such shock from the moment I didn’t realize it. I also told him we support Team Fox & the Michael J. Foundation and we agreed we are all a family in this fight for a cure! He was so gracious, and kind and that moment changed my life forever.

A birthday message in memory of my mother from her favorite musical artist & saxophonist Kenny G.

It has been a few years since mom passed due to Parkinson’s disease. I have dedicated my life in memory of my mother for awareness and hope for a cure. Many nights I am restless wondering what I could have done more to have had her next to me still today.

One thing that has always positively impacted our lives is music. My mother and I shared a passion for music. She played piano and I played guitar our whole lives. As a child I lived in New York and remember heading to Broadway to see musicals and throughout life, mom always had Kenny G playing a saxophone while enjoying every song he created. I remember her going to see Kenny G several times, so I thought what I could do to surprise mom if she was still with us….  What would she have loved and been surprised by? Hmm… yes, a message from her favorite musician Kenny G that got my family though happy and tough times……… sending love on your birthday in heaven. We miss and love you! Please enjoy.

Sharon’s son,




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