Kim Jacobsen Attorney at law on Advocacy

An interview with Kim Jacobsen Attorney at Law on August 4, 2023 by George Ackerman, Ph.D, J.D.




Kimberly Jacobsen earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Delaware and a J.D. from Western New England College, School of Law.  In 2001, Kimberly began her career in State Service with the Commission on Human Rights (CHRO).  In the fall of 2005 as a member of the legal division as a litigation attorney for the Commission.  Kimberly represented the Commission at administrative hearings held before the Commission’s Public Hearings Office and in a variety of litigation before State Courts.  Her work at the CHRO also included appellate litigation and she has argued before the State’s Appellate Court.  Kimberly is also involved with the agency’s education and outreach.  Recently, Kimberly took on a new role at the CHRO as a Managing Director and Commission Attorney of Employment matters at the CHRO.  She manages attorneys, investigators, and support staff.  Additionally, she serves as a resource for the agency’s regional offices and is involved in the preparation of the agency’s legislative proposals.  She has a special interest in breastfeeding rights, disability law and mediation.


Please tell me a little about your background.


I work for the state of Connecticut doing civil rights litigation which includes advocating for people with disabilities.  I became interested in raising awareness about PD when I was diagnosed in July 2020 at the age of 51 during the height of the pandemic.  There were no in person support groups, so I turned to Facebook groups for advice and support.  What I quickly learned is that people were asking the same questions over and over again.  As a lawyer I had experience in quickly researching issues and presenting information.  I wanted to share information, answers to common questions and my personal experiences to raise awareness.  At that time, I’d never heard of any woman my age being diagnosed.  My kids, who were home with me at the time, seemed to get a lot of information from YouTube so I decided I’d start video journaling my journey there.


What is your passion and how did you get involved in Parkinson’s awareness and hope for a cure?


I’m passionate about a lot of things (singing, family and friends, politics, reality tv). But in terms of this conversation, I’d say I’m passionate about people and about living positively.  I think it would be very easy to get this diagnosis and withdraw from the world.  Instead, I’ve chosen to do the opposite- reach out, talk about it, reduce stigma, and live my best life.  Mindset is more than half the battle.  Science is amazing and I really believe we will find a cure in our lifetime!


What type of goals do individuals with Parkinson’s have when working with you?


Awareness is the key. In recent years, I have been speaking publicly about living well with Parkinson’s Disease in many different forums.  I have written an article for the Connecticut Lawyer’s Magazine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Column titled “My Disability Makes Me a Better Lawyer” which can be found at: ctl-janfeb-22—dei.pdf (  I have also been appointed to the town of West Hartford’s Disability Commission.


What effect can your advocacy on an individual with Parkinson’s?


My goal is to educate, empower and stop the stigma surrounding the disease.


What would you like to see as a future goal for your advocacy?


I’m hoping to continue what I’m doing and find new platforms to share my message.


What events do you participate in?


I’m doing a lot of things.  I’ve participated in multiple clinical trials, I’ve raised money for PD related charities through Optimism walks and karaoke nights, I’ve been serving on my town’s disability commission, I’ve used my Instagram account to spread awareness about PD, I’ve created my YouTube channel about my PD journey, I’ve spoken at many events about being a lawyer living with PD, I appeared on CT public radio’s Story Corps talking about disability and friendship, I’ve recently completed trying to be a Parkinson’s Foundation ambassador and I’ve written an article about lawyering with a disability for the CT Lawyer magazine.


How can someone get in touch?  What is your website?


Follow me on Instagram at @livingwellwithparkinsons or subscribe to my YouTube channel


If you had one final statement or quote you could leave for the Parkinson’s community, what would it be?


Each day will be different, just because today was tough doesn’t mean tomorrow will be too!