George’s Story. More on Sharon’s son

I wanted to honor my mother and continue to help in the Parkinson’s cause and did not know how to bring change. With my family, we decided to create a wristband, purple in color for Parkinson’s awareness, and with the design stating, “In memory of Sharon Riff Ackerman,” “Parkinson’s Disease Awareness”, “TogetherForSharon®”.

Sharon Riff Ackerman was my mother and my best friend.

I thought of self-paying for around 50 bands for any individuals who attended her funeral and supported me and my family through our loss.

I did not plan for her funeral to come so sudden and was sick over the whole nightmare my mother suffered through the final 7 months of her life, which I kept a journal about never sharing with anyone until now.

One of my friend’s (Austin) and a family member I gave a wristband to, took a picture of it on their wrist and shared it with me. Soon-after another person sent a picture and then another, and it took off and brought tears to my eyes. To see such love and support I thought, “why can’t we spread this type of love, support and awareness around the world?” I credit my wife with “TogetherForSharon®” because we were all able to come together in her honor.

Our family self-pays for wristbands and does not accept any money for them. Anyone who wants to donate toward this cause can send it directly to the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, on behalf of and in memory my mother. The link to the association is below.

We will be limiting sending out wristbands to 1,000 bands a year in memory of my mother, to help raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and hope for a cure. We will continue and have no plans to stop sharing my story and speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves due to this disease. I hope you will help us by sharing your story and your support for a cure. George.