We started TogetherForSharon® as a family for the purpose of keeping my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s, memory alive and to share the message of Parkinson’s Awareness and hope for a cure.

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    Mom’s Story

    Sharon Riff Ackerman- mother, sister, and grandmother!

    Born 9/28/50- Passed on 1/1/2020 due to Parkinson’s disease. Sharon Riff Ackerman lived with Parkinson’s for decades, but it started to affect her daily activities in 2014. Up until then she was able to spend her favorite day of the week, Sunday, with us in the backyard, blowing bubbles with her grand kids, eating the best meals we could find, but only after a lively debate over where and what she wanted to eat. I miss those funny arguments.

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    NEWSFLASH! National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act!


    Thank you to the Michael J Fox Foundation, Congresswoman, and the entire staff for sharing my mother’s fight with this terrible disease known as Parkinson’s. I have advocated for awareness and hope for a cure as my whole family was thrown into this battle we lost when my mother passed on 1/1/2020…

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    No one is alone in this fight!

    In memory of my Mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman I created this page to raise awareness and Band together to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. If you need a band, please contact me and I’ll send you one at no cost! I only ask that you please wear your band, take a photo and post it to your social media network. You can support our efforts by following us on:

    Sharon’s son, George

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    Thank you Ruth Derbin-Knowles for creating this beautiful artwork in memory of my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman for Parkinson’s awareness and hope for a cure… Sharon’s son, George

    Photo Credit: Ruth Derbin-Knowles

    On December 20, 2019, a week before mom passed…. I had the opportunity to play guitar with our incredible music therapy support. We played mom’s favorite song “Memory” from the Broadway show “Cat’s” which she brought me to when I was a child. By this point, she did not speak much and her health was declining but she was happy and clapped and said she loved it.


    togetherforsharon joined together in support of Parkinson’s awareness with PD Avengers, please visit

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